30) Burke and Hare [6.5]

From John Landis, the director of Animal House and The Blues Brothers, Burke & Hare is adark comedy/thriller staring Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis, Tom Wilkinson, Tim Curry and Isla Fisher as the unfortunate denizens of 19th century Edinburgh, a setting rife with murder, theft, prostitution, corpse snatching, experimental medicine, and of course Shakespeare. (2011)

This is a true story.
Except for the parts that are not.

And with that we enter Burke and Hare, an entertaining mix of black humor and Monty Python-esque shenanigans that is based on events in history. I wouldn’t have expected this type of film from John Landis, but I’m certainly glad to have watched it. Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis do terrific work together, and I hope to see them reunite in another film. Isla Fisher is simply adorable and pulls off a very convincing Scottish accent. I wish the whole film didn’t have that post-production blue hue filter that has popped up in so many recent movies, but it does at least help sell the gloominess of 1800s era Edinburgh. Though some of the laughs are easily telegraphed, Burke and Hare is an enjoyable comedy that features a number of talented character actors.


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