29) Planes, Trains and Automobiles [7.0]

A sudden snowstorm in Chicago forces the plane to land in Wichita. Unable to find a room in any of the four-star hotels, Neal is compelled to accept Del’s invitation to share his accommodations in a cheapo-sleazo motel. Driven to distraction by Del’s annoying personal habits, the ungrateful Neal lets forth with a stream of verbal abuse. (1987)

It’s always a weird feeling to not love a classic as much as you think you would. Such is the case with me and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. That’s not to say there are parts that I didn’t like– John Candy is at his best in the dramatic, sadder scenes. Him and Steve Martin are both funny, but what makes the film work is that John Hughes touch of humanity. That being said, I didn’t care much for the first act and some of the more gross gags. As a side note, is Due Date a super duper rip off of this movie or what?


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