23) Bronies [3.5]

Filmmaker Laurent Malaquais visits Bronycon on a mission to understand the curious sub-culture of teenage boys and adult men who have become outspoken fans of the popular flash-animated cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (2013)

I watched Bronies so that I could get some semblance of an idea as to why this culture exists. As with many fandom documentaries, there’s an awful lot of sadness on display as people explain why they’re so passionate about their obsession. Everyone in Bronies seems keenly aware of the implications of being part of this group. They each have their own reasons as to why they participate, such as dealing with Aspergers or a lack of friends. I didn’t gain any valuable insight from this documentary. I find the whole thing to be very creepy, and Bronies didn’t do anything to change my perspective.


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